hey guys so I’ve decided to get rid of my tumblr.

I’m not going to delete my blog so I can go back and look it sometimes but I am going to unfollow everyone to keep myself from going back on.

You’ve all been lovely and please dont be sad if you see my account unfollowed you!

Goodbye all!

Tagging game

Tagged by the lovely clarathedreamer

1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Preschool gang when i jumped a kid for stealing my easter egg on the easter egg hunt

2. TV show you’ve been watching the longest?

Consistently: Avatar series (both atla and lok)

Non consistently: Twilight Zone and Arthur

3. Your favorite book as a child?

Dinorella or Harry potter!

4. Favorite candy/chocolate?

anything dark chocolate

5. What would you do with one million dollars?

half goes to education, 8,000 goes to traveling funds and the rest go to charities that either promotes human rights or environmental pollution control

6. Quiet night in or wild night out?

Quiet definitely, im not a very wild person; im much more on the introverted side than the extroverted side.

7. Favorite clothing article?


8. Favorite comfort food?

I eat chocolate when im nervous? but mostly mac and cheese (real kind, not artificial)

9. Morning or night person?

morning person

10. Favorite beverage?

Tea but specifically either Japanese green tea, honey vanilla chamomile or english breakfast tea with milk and honey <3

I unfortunately have to get ready for a new years eve party so I dont have time to tag anyone or make up questions right now, sorry!



merry christmas to everyone who didn’t get presents today because their family couldn’t afford it and merry christmas to everyone who couldn’t make it home for the holidays and merry christmas to everyone spending it alone i want you all to know that i hope you all have a great great end of the year and i love you all and even if your holidays weren’t how you pictured them i hope you still have a good rest of the holidays and year



i hope you wake up on christmas morning happy and i hope you are warm and i hope you had good dreams. i hope you get nice gifts and i hope you have hot chocolate. i hope snowflakes stick to your eyelashes and i hope you make the most beautiful snow angel. i hope that even though i will not be curled up with you on christmas morning that you are comfy and cozy and i hope you have a wonderful christmas